King Air IITom Tobrook is a part time writer although his intention is to scale back on other activities to devote more time to this work.

His inspiration to write came while living in Kinshasa, Zaire in the early 1990’s when he saw a 1987 made film starring Brian Dennehy called ‘Best Seller’ in which Dennehy played the role of an ex US cop turned author.

Congo Speed BoatAt the time Tobrook had returned to working for a multinational company after a costly misplaced investment in the UK. He was flying all over Zaire in a Beachcraft King Air and, during the post military anarchy of 1992, having to regularly use a speedboat to reach the safe haven of Brazzaville some 14 kilometres across Stanley Pool on the River Congo.

Tobrook first drafted 'Last Parallel to Kinshasa' during one extended vacation to Kenya. It was written on a shady terrace overlooking a reef at Tiwi beach, south of Mombassa. Tiwi CottageThe manuscript remained unpublished while the author travelled and worked in different continents over the following years. A re-edit was completed in Grand Cayman in early 2001, prior to the author publishing the work himself.

While based on true-life experiences, the contents of 'Last Parallel to Kinshasa' are fictional and none of the characters or organisations described therein is intended to represent existing individuals or organisations. Any similarities are co-incidental.

Tobrook has developed three screenplays and is currently working on a work of nonfiction. He also has an outline for a second novel.


Last Parallel to Kinshasa

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C130 PlaneEx Gurka Officer, Charlie Thompson, an adventurous, English expatriate of the credible masculine mould, enjoys a hedonistic bachelor lifestyle in the bordellos of the former French colonial capital of Dakar while working for British Dominion Tobacco (BDT) encountering a number of wonderfully ‘seasoned’ characters of the type that one only finds in such old Francophone outposts.

Gitanes CigarettesThompson facilitates the large scale cross border contraband of cigarettes into the Gold Coast through a network of African and Lebanese distributors and, even more audaciously, into the economically ravaged Zaire using military planes to smuggle in the cigarettes.

On one of his many ‘runs ashore’ into the sultry bars of night-time Dakar, he meets a French Vietnamese siren, Sara. She is not what she first appears, coming from an educated and high borne family in Paris.

Carlton Terrace

MotorbikeAs their love affair develops the couple enjoy life in the exotic environs of Dakar, holidays at Thompson’s villa in Spain and a business trip to the South of France. Life seems full of promise.

Back in England, Thompson’s estranged father, a former legendary figure in the Parachute Regiment, rebuilds his business life after the death of his wife and the bankruptcy of his previously successful business. He too develops a new love affair.

In Africa, Thompson comes under pressure from an over ambitious Manager at the BDT Head Office in London who harbours the intention of engaging in unscrupulous risks to further his personal career.

A story of corruption and greed develops into an operation designed to boost sales through an insurance write off of stock, all unknown to Thompson.It goes explosively wrong with tragic and violent consequences for Sara and her friend Natalie.Shipping Containers

An accidental remark from a DHL courier catches Thompson’s curiosity and sets him on a path of investigation that reveals the sequence of events behind the accident.

A scandal unfolds that threatens a damaging scandal for the BDT Company in an intricate chain of events that lead back to the stock market and the press.Glock

Thompson and Natalie’s Lebanese brother are brought together on a path of revenge. When it is over, Thompson resigns and repairs to his villa in Spain to deal with his grief over Sara but the revenge is not over for the Lebanese and it reaches back to England.


This is a book that was written with the intention of being developed into a screenplay due to its powerful visual backdrop.

The combination of British tone and exotic locations give this a ‘big story’ feel that would have attracted a Director such as David Lean.

‘Last Parallel to Kinshasa’ is a cross cultural novel in terms of having a very English narrative set against a Francophone backdrop - Ricardlargely played out in West Africa and the South of France.

It will appeal to those who have an inherent appreciation of the hedonistic and louche behaviour which features prominently in the coastal Francophone African setting.

The visual appeal of sultry women in French Houses of ill repute or an indolent, unfiltered Boyards Caporal over a double espresso accompanied by a Pastis on a shady terrace in Dakar, Senegal, creates a very moody backdrop of the type that is compelling.

This is a story about cigarette smuggling by a British multinational although it is not a whistle blower.

The subject matter is topical and controversial beyond cigarette smuggling with its marked socio political themes. Child SoldierThe issues on Africa, corruption and racism are contemporary and set out candidly. They are not diluted or falsely portrayed behind idealistic liberalism 'in denial' or political correctness.

It contains insights and observations about Africa that can really challenge prevailing conventions and thinking.It is controversial.

BriefcaseAlthough the narrative has a very "English voice", the combination of British protagonists and an alluring setting in Africa as well as the involvement of cigarettes, creates a potential film with an appeal to an international audience.


Financial Times Spanish Pool Fireblade Motorcycle





This work of nonfiction seeks to rekindle the inner spirit.  Using less familiar quotes—many of which can leave you breathless—from some of the great minds in history as well as modern intellects, the text looks at life changing thinking and behaviour through a contemporary prism.

Addressing pernicious modern perceptions of benevolence and misguided expectations of perseverance and integrity, the book suggests ways to more certain outcomes and enduring optimism. For more joyful and fulfilled living! 

The format is to use overarching commentary by way of preface to insightful quotes on key attributes of humanity. These quotes have a capacity to alter the way that you think and interact with the world around you.  The book steadfastly avoids using trite, populist wisdoms which have become banal though overexposure to the point of cliché  even if their original thought was worthy.

We live in an epoch of celebrity, obsessed by entertainment and a distorted definition of success—that old imposter.  Our value sets are constant assault from a capricious media culture where jeopardy and confrontation are editorial mandatories.

Artifice, cozenage, ego, disloyalty, rudeness , underhandedness, unscrupulousness are behaviours that have now become almost aspirational or ,at least, perceived as necessary to be upwardly mobile and materially successful.

The fact is that there is an irrefutable correlation between values, thoughts, actions, character and destiny. If you lose consistency between your values, thinking and habits, then you really do lose your way. Your destiny will be effected.

To have material success seems hard but it is really not so difficult. To succeed as man seems easy but is a lifelong struggle. Practice benevolence without cause or effect sought and your experiences and outcomes in life will change entirely. For the better.

The desired corollary for you in reading this book is that it will reinvigorate your belief in the ascendency of humanity and soundness of character in securing your highest destiny.

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