• Generating conceptual ideas for film and television programming and developing those concepts into production proposals.
  • Producing proprietary DVD products based on themed edits and compilations of archive footage used ‘by permission’ or under licence.
  • Developing Brand world film edits for specific clients.

The 'Credentials' page features a selection of films from Tom Tobrook's filmography.


Tom Tobrook has a background as an international brand marketing executive with a background in brand strategy and brand communication development across international markets.

He undertakes brand world development projects for specific clients.


Tom Tobrook develops programming concepts for production and syndication across international markets. The subjects leverage his areas of knowledge and make optimal use of archive footage.

Tom Tobrook is currently marketing several concepts:

Hong Kong Royal Hong Kong Police Badge Royal Hong Kong Police

Concept – One hour stand alone programme that looks at the life of Senior Superintendant David Grant in The Hong Kong Police (once ROYAL Hong Kong Police - RHKP), one of the last remaining British expatriate police officers who chose to continue serving after the hand back of Hong Kong to the Chinese in 1997.


  • A film diary of his day to day (month to month) existence both professionally and with his Chinese family.
  • Commentary on how things have changed from when the RHKP was essentially a force commanded by British expatriates.
  • Archive footage (still and film) of the history of the Hong Kong Police.
  • Interviews embracing highly entertaining anecdotes from former RHKP officers.
  • Observations of how China is coping with self governance in Hong Kong and drawing parallels with the need for the whole of China to merge with interact with the western world

What happens when the racing is over?'

Colin McRae Carl Foggerty

Concept – A one hour programme looking at the lives of three British former World Motor Racing Champions – Damon Hill from Formula One, Carl Foggerty from World Superbikes and Colin McRae from World Rallying . All three were World Champions in 1995 and 1996, 15 years ago. What has become of them? What do they do with their lives now and how do they cope without the adrenalin rush?

  • Personal interviews with the three protagonists including interviews with former Grand Prix drivers and riders.
  • Archive Footage

American Warrior’

US Troops Spartans Chinooks

Concept – A film that sets out to profile and explain the preparedness of young American men and woman to take up arms in defence of their country. Few if any European countries have anywhere near the sense of patriotic pride shared by Americans let alone the presence of this patriotism across creed and colour and gender. The failure of even well travelled educated Europeans to really understand the American psyche is a key component of the increasing isolation of the USA.

The film will profile the life and personality of a former Marine Lt Commander Zembiec described as ‘ a hybrid of modern military strategist and ancient spirit who could have fought with the Spartans’. He was killed in action in Iraq. The film will go on to look at how tough , determined , capable, well intended, intelligent , sensitive and generous are the people and leaders of the US military as opposed to the popular media portrayal of them as myopic and culturally insensitive.

Use of Toby Keith music

  • Footage of American military establishments
  • Interviews with US military personnel of all ranks
  • War footage